Happy Monday, everyone! If you’re like me, you probably need an extra dose of inspiration and motivation at the beginning of a new work week. In that case, I have the perfect thing: a brand-new episode of the Music Therapy Round Table podcast!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Round Table, it is comprised of myself and two other music therapists, Kimberly Sena Moore and Michelle Erfurt. Each month, we choose a topic related to music therapy and then share our thoughts and opinions for other music therapists (and anyone else who might be interested) to hear.

Episode 7 is available today by visiting the Music Therapy Round Table, or you can find us on iTunes.  This month we’re talking about how we keep up and improve our music skills, and we also share some input from our listeners, which they provided via Twitter and Facebook.  Lots of interesting and innovative ideas — the three of us were so inspired that by the end of the episode, we were ready to go play or sing!

Our podcast is the perfect lunch date, workout partner, and companion for commuting.  So go check it out, and hopefully it will inspire you just as much as it did us.