The Rambach Family | Listen & Learn Music

Over Easter, my family had the rare opportunity to all be together in one place at the same time. We met up in Denver, where my stepsister and her family hosted all 18 of us — including 8 kids ranging in age from 2 to 12!

We not only celebrated Easter, but also my mom’s 60th birthday. One of the things she really wanted was current photos of all of us, along with some of the entire family together.

So my brother arranged a shoot with a local photographer, which turned out to be quite the adventure :) It’s not an easy task wrangling so many little ones, getting them to stay still, look at the camera, and smile!

Family Photo 2019 | Listen & Learn Music

So not *everyone* looked at the camera (including my own little girl, haha), but I would still call this photo a success. This is the only photo we have of all 18 of us, so it’s extremely special.

Our own family of 4 hasn’t had professional photos taken for a couple of years, so it’s really nice to have some current ones.

The Rambach Family | Listen & Learn Music

This is a good reminder to have photos taken more often, especially since my kids are growing like crazy (and crazy fast!). How is it possible that they are turning 4 and 6 in the coming month?!