As I’m sure you’ve noticed, MANY of my songs revolve around the use of props. They can be such a wonderful tool for addressing motor skills, coordination, group participation, turn-taking, and much more.

This month in my groups and sessions, we’re getting a lot of use out of one such prop: bean bags! A quick Google or Amazon search will show that there are many bean collections from which to choose, but my absolute favorites come from Bear Paw Creek.

Bear Paw Creek is owned and operated by Janet Stephens, who was inspired by her music therapist sister (shout-out to Kathy Schumacher!) to create movement props along with ways to store and transport them.

I’ve been using BPC products for years, and use them every single day in my work with people of all ages. And that takes us back to bean bags, which are currently in heavy rotation.

My daughter Mia Belle is using the textured ones in the photo above, and those are just one of the 5 collections available from Bear Paw Creek. There are all kinds of color options, as well.

Bean Bag Hop | Listen & Learn Music

The most recent song I wrote for bean bags is “Bean Bag Hop”, which addresses hand-eye coordination, impulse control, body part identification, balance, and following directions.

Here are the rest of my bean bag songs — let me know if you have any you have found to be fun and effective, as well! And if you are looking to either purchase bean bags or upgrade your collection, I highly recommend you look no further than Bear Paw Creek.

One last note: this post is not sponsored, I just really really love BPC’s products. They have helped my students and clients achieve countless goals over the years, so I am forever grateful to this company!