Music Therapy Business Owner in Springfield, IL

This week I was honored to be featured in the Springfield Business Journal, which was not only a great opportunity for my business but also a music therapy advocacy win. Even though I’ve been practicing here for 8+ years, I still find myself explaining my profession on a daily basis.

Reading the article and then later in the day having a conversation with a fellow music therapy business owner inspired me to dive deeper into my small business story, especially for new professionals who have aspirations of going into private practice.

I know that I personally LOVE hearing other peoples’ stories (a big reason I host a podcast where I get to do just that!), and I’ve learned a lot about business ownership thanks to colleagues who have been willing to share.

So over the next four weeks, I’ll be giving the full scoop on how I went from having a full-time day job and a small private practice on the side (headquartered in my car) to now co-owning a thriving business with a facility of our own and a team of 7.

You can read my story, along with key takeaways and action items, over on Listen & Learn Plus, where you’ll also find a vast collection of over 200 songs (mp3, lead sheet, and instrumental track), videos, tutorials, and visual aides, plus ALL new releases from Listen & Learn Music.

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