Namaste on New Year's Day | Rachel Rambach | Listen & Learn Music

Happy New Year! I wanted to start 2018 with a little zen, so I snuck off to yoga class first thing this morning. Little did I know that my kids would be eagerly waiting for me to get home so that we could have our own living room yoga session.

They had found an old mat in the hall closet, and excitedly showed me all of their “moves” (which was just as entertaining as you might imagine). They asked me to show them what I worked on in my class, so I demonstrated some poses for them to try. They actually impressed me with how quickly they picked up what I taught them, and their form was pretty darn good for a 2- and 4-year-old. Such a fun way to kick off the new year!

After Parker and Mia woke up from their nap, we decided to venture out of the house to the movie theater. I’ve been looking forward to seeing Wonder since it came out, and especially wanted my son Parker to see it.

Seeing "Wonder" in the Movie Theater | Rachel Rambach | Listen & Learn Music

We were afraid Mia might still be a little too young to enjoy the movie in the theater, and even a lap full of popcorn and candy couldn’t keep her occupied. My husband ended up leaving with her 20 minutes into the movie, but I was grateful to him that Parker and I were able to stay and watch the rest.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, I highly recommend it. The plot is a bit predictable, but the message is an important one, especially for children (like my son) who are starting to notice and comment on people who look, act, or talk differently than most.

We wrapped up our New Year’s Day with a bubble bath, an episode of Daniel Tiger (the potty-training one, because it’s the current event in our house), and finally, bedtime.

The kids go back to daycare and preschool in the morning, and as ready as I am to tackle my work, I’m really going to miss them. It’s been a wonderful 11 days together, and the house is going to be awfully quiet tomorrow. But it’s time to get back to reality, and I have a great feeling about 2018. Here we go!