Beginning in January, I will be offering consultative music therapy services through my private practice, Music Therapy Connections. Consultative services, you ask? Though I go into great detail on the MTC website, I’ll sum it up here in just a few sentences.

When a student comes to my studio for one-on-one or group music therapy, that is considered direct service. We work on specified goals and objectives using the songs, activities and interventions I have designed based on that student’s specific needs. However, if I provide the student with those songs, activities, and interventions (as well as accompanying tools for the parent, teacher, or other professional) without meeting face-to-face on a regular basis, then that is considered consultative service.

Several factors played into my decision to offer consultative services. First of all, I love creating and providing resources (which is pretty clear, I hope, based on this blog). The fact that children all over the US and beyond are benefiting from my songs and activities simply amazes me, and I want to take that further. Consultative services allow me to provide individual therapeutic and learning experiences through music on a wider scale; in this way, I am not limited to children in central Illinois. Anyone, anywhere can receive these services as long as communication is available via phone, internet, and (seldomly) snail mail.

Secondly, my direct services are limited to the students I can see between the hours of 4 and 7 pm, as I work at a school during the day. Consultative services are not :) After all, doesn’t everybody need one more way to fill their nights and weekends? The truth is, I love the work that I do and I can’t wait to do even more of it.
And last but not least, I think the interest is there. I receive many emails from parents all over who want to explore music therapy for their children, but do not have a music therapist in their area. And while direct service is the ideal means of delivery, sometimes it just isn’t possible.

Please visit my new Consultative Services page for a more in-depth explanation. I have also put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions, though you are certainly welcome to contact me directly for more information.