Yesterday was the first official day of Spring Break, and I packed a whole lot into just a few hours. I took my mom out to lunch for her birthday, ran errands, snuck in a nap, taught two piano lessons and led one music therapy group, all before 6 pm. After a quick dinner, my friend Victoria came over and we watched a movie and talked. I went to bed early, because I knew that today was the day to get down to work. This is what my desk looked like by 10 am:

I finally have some time to finish a project I’ve been working on for the past couple of months…a project with a deadline looming over me! I am super excited about it, and there will be more to come on this soon. Here’s a close-up of the chaos:

I have been holed up in my office all day, and am just now taking a break to write this post. However, I really can’t complain too much; after all, I do have these beautiful windows which provide me with a view of the sunny day outside:

My office at school is the size of a closet and has no windows, so I am enjoying every second of working at home. Now I think I have procrastinated enough – back to work for me!