Episode 5 // Meryl Brown

Guitars & Granola Bars Podcast: Episode 5 // Meryl Brown

In Episode 5 of the Guitars & Granola Bars podcast, I’m chatting with music therapist Meryl Brown. Meryl openly shares her struggle with postpartum depression, how she completely rebuilt her private practice after recovering, and the steps she took to successfully prevent PPD after the birth of her second daughter.

Meet Meryl

Meryl Brown is a mother of 2 (a 5 year old and 9 month old), wife and music therapist living and working in Central Illinois. She “balances” parenthood and music therapy business ownership, as she owns and operates Developing Melodies, a private practice in Bloomington, IL, nurtures her two littles and aggressively participates in self-care by way of running (marathon training anyone?) and volunteer opportunities; serving as President of her Kiwanis Club, Treasurer of the Illinois Association for Music Therapy and serving on the WeCare Twin Cities Half Marathon planning committee.

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Developing Melodies // Meryl’s private practice website and the home of her blog.

Pikkolo Baby Carrier // Meryl’s current favorite carrier for wearing her baby.

Dr Sears’ Sleep Method // In the episode, Meryl mentioned that she has read and recommends Dr. Sears’ books on baby sleep habits.

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