Riding My Bike

All winter long, I look forward to warm weather for many reasons, but mostly this one: so that I can ride my bike! And since we’ve had such a beautiful (not to mention early) spring, I’ve already put almost 600 miles on my bike since March 1st.

And though my rides are a bit longer now than they were when I was younger, riding my bike still makes me feel kinda like a kid — in a good way. However, I’m a lot better about bike safety now than I was back then, and that is what today’s song is all about.

I’m getting ready to head out on a nice long ride this morning with my dad, and you’d better believe we’ll be wearing helmets, using our signals, and putting to use all of the other safety tips mentioned in the song. Well, except for the one about riding on the sidewalk…we’re a little too old for that ;)