Goodbyes Are Never Easy

Monday was a tough day. I had to say goodbye to two of my very first students ever as a professional music therapist. Addy was only a few months old when she started participating in my music therapy group, and Jordynn, her big sister, was my #1 helper during our group time as well as a piano student.

Fast forward four years. Their family is moving, so Monday was our last day together. You would think I’d have been more well-equipped to say goodbye after just doing so to over 100 students when I left my job at The Hope Institute, but I wasn’t. As hard as I tried not to cry, I was unsuccessful. I have just come to accept the fact that I’m no good at farewells!

I can’t imagine how hard it is to be a classroom teacher, having to say goodbye to an entire class of students every single year. The perk of being a music therapist and studio teacher is working long-term with the same students, and getting to watch them grow up and reach all kinds of milestones.

I know there are more goodbyes in my future, because that’s life…but that doesn’t make them any easier.