Two songs for shakers in a row? Yep! We do a lot of shaking at the Hope Institute and in the Music Therapy Connections studio, which accounts for the plethora of such tunes in my collection. For today’s song, I actually borrowed the melody I made up for “Flower, Stand Tall” since both focus on colors. It works perfectly, in my opinion, but you can decide for yourself:

Yellow, red, and green, and purple, and blue,
Shakers are so colorful and sound good, too.
There are many different ways to shake ‘em around.
Up above your head, or near the ground.

Yellow shaker, up high.
Yellow shaker, up high.
Make a great big sound up in the sky!


Red shaker, up high…
Green shaker, up high…
Purple shaker, up high…
Blue shaker up high…


I use Basic Beat egg shakers and chiquitas from West Music for this activity, though any colored shakers would do just fine. You can substitute colors in the song, too. In the Church Mice class I lead, we have always used plain black egg shakers, so I’m looking forward to changing things up with some rainbow-hued ones.

Well I need to get back to my CD burning…I’m making 500 to give away as souvenirs at Hope’s upcoming Celebrity Chef fundraiser. Happy Thursday!