A couple of months ago, my students and I had the honor of performing at The Hope Institute’s Celebrity Chef gala, an annual fundraiser held right here on campus. “The Sound of Hope” was a song I wrote especially for the event, and it was included on the souvenir CD I made for the guests. I’ve been meaning to share the song with all of you, and am just now getting around to it! It was inspired by my students, as reflected in the title:

Bells chime and choirs sing,
Dogs bark and phones ring,
Cats meow and birds tweet,
Frogs croak and hearts beat,
The world is full of noise.
But what you hear, well, you have a choice:

We are the sound of hope,
We are the voice of love,
Turn your ear and listen well.
And let it be the bridge
That lets you carry on.
Your song says more than words can tell.

Sometimes the lyrics aren’t clear,
Or the music’s too soft to hear,
That is what makes it your own,
And you are not alone.
Each song has a different name.
But its spirit remains the same:


Life’s a journey,
Take my hand,
Don’t be afraid of the melody.
Music teaches,
Music heals,
And we’re waiting for the whole world to see:


We are the sound of Hope,
We are the sound of love,
And we know that you’re listening well.
So shine your light,
Bright as the sun above,
Your song says more than words can tell.
Your song says more than words can tell.

This song is a lot longer and wordier than the ones my students are used to singing with me, so I was extremely proud of their performance. Just one of the many bright, shining moments I’ve experienced over the last couple of years as a music therapist who gets to work with amazing kids!