Spring Into Summer Songbook for Kids

Right around this time last year, I got the urge to create a digital songbook — the result of which was Tapping, Shaking, Music Making! Maybe this will become a yearly spring project, because I’m currently working on the next one!

Spring into Summer: Warm Weather Songs for Kids will include 10 songs instrumental tracks, and a PDF songbook full of lyrics, sheet music and ideas for putting the songs to use. I’ll be sharing the song titles and a sneak peek soon, as well as an opportunity to pre-order (with a sweet bonus download for doing so).

The plan is to release Spring Into Summer by May 6. I’m writing that down here so that I have some accountability, which I’ll need considering the amount of projects and big things I have going on at the moment! There’s something about sunshine and warmer weather that gets my creative juices flowing, and luckily, the extra energy to act on it.

This is more of a teaser post than anything else, but I will share more in the next week or so. Is anyone else as pumped up as I am now that spring is here? Help keep the inspiration flowing by sharing the projects you’re working on this month!