Sadie Turns 2

Even though Sadie spends her afternoons romping around with her cousin at my in-laws’ house (so as to keep her occupied while I work with students), I still refer to her as the official Music Therapy Connections studio mascot.  After all, my students know her and ask about her all the time, plus she’s my constant companion as I blog away and plan music therapy sessions.  Sadie even makes a star appearance in one of my songs.

So how do we plan to celebrate the big 2?  This is one spoiled pup to begin with, which means we’ll have to outdo ourselves today.  Sadie’s favorite treat is a peanut butter-filled Kong, and today she’ll get an upgrade from the mini to the full-sized version.  My little girl is growing up!

Sadie is still a bit hyper, which is why I keep her out of the way of students as they come and go.  But I can’t wait for the day she calms down and can handle a little more interaction every once in a while.  I know a few kids who look forward to that day, as well :)

Sadie Through the Years If you see this dog today, please wish her happy birthday!