“That Yellow Bus” was a February staple in my music therapy classes, and quickly became a student and staff favorite.  (I think the main reason is because it shares a title with a certain Justin Roberts song I did last year – that one still gets requested all the time!) Like I mention in the video, it was written specifically for a little guy with bus transitioning issues, but since many of my students do ride the bus, they were able to benefit from it, too.

That is the beauty of what I do: there is so much crossover from one part of my job to another, and so many different situations in which to apply the same therapeutic interventions, activities and songs. For example, many of the tunes I’ve written and shared on this very blog are also included in this semester’s Church Mice class, which is actually where I’d headed in just a little bit. 

Which leads me to wonder…is it already Sunday afternoon?  This weekend has certainly flown right by, as they usually do.  After Church Mice, my husband and I are heading to my parents’ for a cookout with my brother (who is in town for spring break) and his fiancee, and then I’m looking forward to vegging out on the couch and watching the Academy Awards.  What are you up to tonight?