Okay, okay…so this song really has nothing to do with Halloween at all. It is, however a Listen & Learn oldie! I think three years qualifies, as such, don’t you? When I went digging through the archives to find my original post, I couldn’t believe it how long it has been around.

The original moves all involve making some kind of sound, but they don’t have to. I’m using “Ugga Bugga Boo” this month when some of my students, and we’re finding creative ways to change up the lyrics. Some of the movements we’ve come up with:

  • get into the beat and shrug your shoulders up and down (up and down)
  • get into the beat and wave your arms ’round and ’round (’round and ’round)
  • get into the beat and bend your knees down and up (down and up)

And of course, there are always a few silly ones in the mix, too :) With a title like Ugga Bugga Boo, that’s to be expected!