On one of the few nice days we’ve had so far this spring, Parker and I took a walk to the park and tried out the swings for the first time ever. I had a feeling he would like it, and I was right!

Parker has loved the outdoors since the very beginning — as a newborn, carrying him outside was one of the quickest ways to calm him down. We try to do something outside every time it’s warm enough, which hasn’t been very often at all so far…but we will make up for it this summer. I have no doubt we’ll be spending LOTS of time at Grandma Betsy’s pool, the park, and biking/strolling the trails.

Parker and Ellie at the Park

Ellie and Parker have been stroller buddies since they were just a couple of months old. I met Ellie’s mom Jen at breastfeeding group 3 days after Ellie was born, and we sat next to each other each week until Jen went back to work. We started walking in Washington Park almost every weekend that it was nice out, and just recently were able to start going again. They are moving at the end of June, and we will miss them and our walks a lot :(

Weeks 41 and 42

This has been a REALLY great few weeks for Parker, and therefore, us too. Right after I publicly complained about his sleep on Facebook, he started sleeping through the night. And he’s kept that up ever since, which has been life-changing. And a well rested baby is a happy baby! It doesn’t surprise me that he is sleeping so many hours at night, because he literally doesn’t stop moving all day long. If he’s not crawling from one end of the house to the other, he’s doing this:

I call it the Ottoman 500. He is so proud of himself, toddling around the furniture without any help. Occasionally he will attempt to take a step without holding on to anything, but so far he hasn’t been successful. I really think it’s only a matter of weeks before he is walking unassisted. Look out, world!