Leap Day

Happy Leap Day! February 29 only comes once every 4 years, you know. It just so happens that this year, it falls on a Monday, which made it the perfect day to take a big leap in my life.

After my family, work has been the biggest priority for me over these last few (okay, many) months. And while it still remains among my top areas of focus, I’m putting another one right up there: my own health and fitness.

I used to be super health-conscious — we’re talking daily workouts and balanced meals — back in the day. But after Parker was born, I never quite regained the motivation I once had. Mia is 9 months old now, and I’m finally ready to get back to my healthy self.

I have my friend Crystal to thank not only for giving me the nudge I needed to make this decision, but also for doing it with me! We took the leap together this morning, starting our day bright and early with a workout in her basement. Buddy system for the win :)

The program we’re following includes meal plans and workouts, and we’re journaling our progress as we go. I’m excited to see how returning to a healthier lifestyle will affect not only my body, but my energy, mood and productivity, too.

I wasn’t feeling inspired in this area AT ALL when the new year began, but I think starting on Leap Day is much more fitting. Are you taking a leap of any kind today?