Texas State Pledge Song for ChildrenDid you know that Texas state law requires all students to memorize and recite the state pledge each day at school?  Neither did I, until I received this email from Rene, a Listen & Learn reader from the Lonestar State:

What I have wanted, what my kids have requested for several years, is a song to help us learn the Texas Pledge (which is required of all students by state law). When I saw on your site that you wrote a song for the Pledge to the American Flag, I thought you’d be perfect for writing this song for our Texas pledge. The song we sing for the American pledge is quite long and we dance to this, I have added lots of motion crossing the midline, up/down, bending, leaning, etc. I know the reason my kids learned the U.S. pledge within the first two weeks of school is because we sing it!!! The Texas Pledge is short. I know you will know best because that is your gift.

Rene went on to include quite a bit more information about her students and her expectations for this custom song, and I was more than excited to get to work on it.

Rene’s students are young (Pre-K) and for many, English is their second language.  So I kept the lyrics simple but engaging, emphasizing the most important lines — the pledge, of course.  Here is what I came up with:

Stand up where you are,
Place your hand over your heart,
And look to the flag that has one star:

Honor the Texas flag,
I pledge allegiance to thee,
Texas, one state, under God,
One and indivisible.

The Texas pledge is what we say,
Each and every single day.
To show our respect for the Lonestar State,
A state so great we have to celebrate.

By waving our arms in the air, up high!
Back and forth like our flag they sway.
Now we’ll bring them down, right by our sides,
As we say the pledge today.

I also created an instrumental version without my vocals.  Rene has not only been using this song with her students since receiving it, but she has also purchased downloads to pass out to her colleagues throughout the state. If you live in Texas and have students who are still learning the pledge, hopefully this song can be helpful to you, too.

I’m already hard at work on Rene’s next custom song (she has enough ideas to keep me busy for months!). If you’re in need of a song for a specific topic, skill or concept, click here to learn more about my custom song package.