Best of Sunday Singalong

Now that I’ve made somewhere around 60 Sunday Singalong videos, I figured it’s about time to make a list of my favorites — the “best of” if you will.

The very first Sunday Singalong video I ever posted was way back in January of 2010. I recorded it with my old Macbook’s built-in camera, so there is an obvious difference in quality as the weeks go by. I graduated to a Flip Ultra HD camcorder, but will soon try out my new camera (that was the plan for this week, but life got in the way!) which doubles as an HD camcorder.

Anyway, here is the list of my 10 favorites, from earliest to most recent:

  1. That Yellow Bus
  2. Good Green Earth
  3. You Belong With Me
  4. You Are My Sunshine – My Way!
  5. Turkey Dinner Dance
  6. Superbowl LXV Edition
  7. The Rhythm of Love
  8. Wave Goodbye to Winter
  9. Eat Like a Rainbow
  10. Play the Cabasa!

Maybe you’ve been a Listen & Learn reader for a while and have your own faves, so if that’s the case, please add them to the list by commenting below. Now here’s to another 60 Sunday Singalong videos — starting next week!