It’s been a few weeks, but “Sunday Singalong” lives on!  I’ve been waiting and waiting for this cold to go away (or at least, give me most of my voice back) so that I could make a new video, and today’s the day.

“The Other Eight Reindeer” (here’s the new recording) is a play on the old “Rudolph” song we all know and love, as you will hear in the first few bars.  In fact, when people hear it for the first time, they are thrown for a loop when they realize it’s actually not the familiar song.  Below the video, I’ll explain a bit more about how I use this song with my students.

This song works best in a group setting, especially if there are at least 8 or 9 children to “act out” each reindeer.  I wrote a post last December describing in detail how I use props and movement to turn the song into an interactive experience; rather than repeat myself here, I’ll point you to that post (complete with pictures).

Any holiday-related song suggestions for next week’s “Sunday Singalong” video?  Remember, if I choose yours, you get a free Listen & Learn album download.  Just leave a comment here or share on Facebook or Twitter.