Wake Up! A Movement Song for Children

That’s exactly what I need to do…because after a long day that started at 4 am and included traveling by plane followed by a full schedule of lessons and music therapy, I need to find the energy to catch up on lots of work!

But the long weekend I spent in Mexico with my husband and another couple was well worth the tiredness I’m experiencing now, because my batteries are feeling recharged and I’m ready to take on the week — which just happens to be full of big projects and events.

I’m hoping this song helps charge up the batteries of my students and all of the other kiddos who will hear it. It’s meant to get them up and moving at the start of the day (and I’m thinking I’ll probably need it myself tomorrow morning).

This song is part of what promises to be an exciting collaboration, which I’ll tell you more about later :) Until then, I hope it will serve its purpose for you and your kiddos as a way to get those muscles moving and blood pumping!