There’s a certain electricity in the air, now that the holiday season is upon us and winter is creeping in. Today in Springfield, that air is freezing cold, gusting, and carrying snow showers, but electric nonetheless. Most kids are counting down the days until their much-anticipated holiday break, and truth be told, so are many of us educators! Those two weeks are a wonderful time to relax, recharge our batteries, and prepare for the coming winter months. It’s the perfect amount of time, in my opinion, because usually by the end of the break, I’m ready to get back to my students and into the swing of things.

I’ve been hearing all about the fun things my students have planned over the holidays, which inspired me to write a song on this topic. The song can be used as a conversation starter, and a base for coming up with new and fun ideas that will keep kids busy during their time off. This is bound to please parents, who sometimes struggle to keep their children occupied and out of trouble for two weeks!

This time of the year, when winter is here,
And the schools are closed across the nation.
There’s so much you can do,
Why don’t we name just a few,
Ways to spend our holiday vacation.

If it snows, you can go outside,
Hop on a sled, and take a ride.
Put on your ice skates and take
A trip around the lake.
What a way to spend your holiday break.


If you’re tired, you can sleep in late,
Or get up early if you’re feeling great.
There are nights to stay awake,
And naps to take.
What a way to spend your holiday break.


If you’re bored, you can read a book,
Watch TV or learn to cook.
Maybe even help bake
A chocolate cake.
What a way to spend your holiday break.


What are your plans for winter vacation (if you’re lucky enough to have one)? Will you go out of town, or stay close to home? I’m looking forward to being home, spending time with my family, and maybe even getting ahead on some projects I have in the works. Oh, and I can’t forget the parties, food, and presents (giving and receiving). After all, what would the holidays be without those things?