Week 22 has been pretty calm so far. No major surprises, big purchases, or crazy excitement — for me, at least. I spent the weekend relaxing at home (again) while Zach traveled to Marco Island for a company rewards trip. Since I couldn’t go, he took his dad and sister with him. I’m glad they got to enjoy the beautiful warm weather — I can’t say I did the same here in cold, rainy Illinois.

This week is going to be pretty busy on the work front for me. Many of my students are participating in the Illinois Federation of Music Clubs’ Festival this weekend, so we’ll be getting ready for that, and then I have two weekends of working at it. Next week Rachel & Matt will be playing a concert (eek!) which means lots of rehearsals between now and then. I will be very relieved when February is over.

Baby-wise, we have chosen a theme for the nursery and I am SO excited about it! I have been collecting ideas via Pinterest and starting registering, though I have a long way to go where that is concerned. Oh, and we have narrowed our list of names down to 2! We still haven’t decided whether we will keep the final pick a secret until June…18 weeks is a long way away.

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