Week 24

Check out that bump! Even I can’t believe it when I look at this photo, and I see it in the mirror every day. I’m getting LOTS of comments now, especially from my students…they love asking about the baby (and giving me name suggestions, which are genuinely amusing).

Week 24 started with GREAT news at our doctor’s visit. We had to get another ultrasound, because at the last one they discovered that my placenta was positioned a little lower than it should be. It needed to move about half a centimeter to be considered “normal” — and luckily it had moved more than enough over the last four weeks.

So everything baby-related is going great. I’m feeling tons and tons of big kicks now, and even saw my stomach moving a little yesterday. That was too weird! But I guess I’d better get used to it :)

On Saturday, Zach and I ventured to Babies ‘R Us to start our registry. We ended up leaving less than 10 minutes after we got there, and opted to do the whole thing online. I also created an Amazon registry, since the prices are so much better there. And it took a couple weeks of researching, but I finally chose a stroller, which my grandma generously offered to buy for us. It’s so exciting to think that we will soon own (and eventually be using) all of these baby things!