What I'm Loving Right Now | Listen & Learn Music | Rachel Rambach

Happy New Year! We are just 3 days into 2019, but so far, I’m pretty enamored with it. This week has been the perfect mix of lazing around the house and making big plans for the new year, and in doing both, I’ve come up with a pretty sizable list of current favorite things.

It would be pretty selfish of me not to share, so that’s exactly what I’m doing today :) Some of my favorite things are kid-related, others are for work, and some are completely random. Without further ado, here is what I’m loving so far in 2019:

Deluxe Art Desk (Step 2)

This was a Christmas gift from my parents for my 5-year-old son, who is completely obsessed with drawing and creating art. It is the perfect size for him, and there is storage space for all of his art supplies so they are all within reach. His new art desk has helped keep him busy and happy for a big part of this winter break, and it will come in handy when he returns to school and has homework assignments.

The exact version we have is currently unavailable at Kohl’s, but here is a similar one (only the colors are different) from Amazon.

Hooded Down Chevron Puffer Coat (Kenneth Cole)

Believe it or not, I’ve been wearing the same 2 winter coats for the last TEN years. They’re both black, and although I still like them, I wanted something a little more heavy duty. I ordered this one on super sale from Macy’s right before Christmas, and I honestly never want to take it off!

SmartLife Push Journal

Just about every year, I attempt to use a paper planner. I think there are so many benefits to writing things down on paper, but I have gotten so used to using digital tools to organize my life that I rarely follow through in my paper planner use.

But I *think* I have found the perfect one, and have high hopes for paper planner success this year! I am a huge fan of Chalene Johnson, who created the SmartLife Push Journal. There are lots of colors to choose from, and she has a ton of videos and resources to help you put this planner to good use.

Not only am I using it to track my daily tasks and schedule, but there is also space for my daily gratitude journal along with food, exercise, and health tracking.

Large Magnetic Dry-Erase Whiteboard

Speaking of tracking, that is something we do a whole lot of behind the scenes at my private practice, Music Therapy Connections. My co-owner Katey and I love to write out our goals and then track our progress where we can see it, which is where this whiteboard comes in.

We have it hanging prominently in our office at MTC, and check in on a weekly basis to keep our goal progress updated. Of course, there are a multitude of uses for a big whiteboard (like brainstorming, project planning, and scheduling), but we love our goal-tracking method.

Memory Foam Bed Bumpers for Toddlers

Back in December, we transitioned my 3-year-old daughter into a big girl bed. Within the first week, she had fallen out of the full-size bed twice (something that never happened with my son), so I went online and ordered these memory foam bed bumpers to prevent that from happening again.

Luckily, they have done the trick! And not only have they kept her safe, but they are soooo comfy. She cuddles up against them when she sleeps, and they make her bed feel like a warm, cozy nest. I’m tempted to buy some for my own bed ;)

Bad Gal Bang! Volumizing Mascara (Benefit)

I looooove this mascara. My mom actually turned me on to it, and I’ll never go back to my old pink and green drugstore brand (even though I liked that price a lot better). It makes my lashes look so much thicker and fuller with just one coat. I am totally not a makeup girl, but this stuff is a quick and easy game changer.

Paige Clik Guitar Capo

And last but not least, something music-related! I’ve been using Keyser capos ever since I started playing the guitar, but they throw my Taylor GS Mini the slightest bit out of tune. So I decided to try a capo with adjustable tension, and my local music store recommended this one.

I can’t tell you how much I love this capo. It’s so convenient to always have at the top of my guitar neck (loosely above the nut), and it takes just a couple seconds to slide down and tighten as needed.

My list of favorites goes on, but I’ll stop here and save some for next time! What are YOU loving so far in 2019? Let me know in the comments, or tag me on instagram (I’m @listenlearnmusic and @rachelrambach).