It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but one of the hardest parts of my day is picking out an outfit to wear. I always second guess myself…did I just wear this? Is this too spring-ish? Does this shirt even fit? This daily dilemma got me to thinking: it’s probably a little overwhelming for kids when they first start dressing themselves. Now granted, they probably don’t have the same concerns as us grown-ups (i.e. matching, obeying the rules of the season), but if I had to guess, I’d say it’s a bit of a challenge.

That line of thinking inspired me to write this song, which covers several aspects of getting dressed. And next month, I’m going to use it as a precursor to the weather song, since our outfits are usually determined by the weather. Take a listen:

There are a few things that I need to know,
Before I get dressed today.
What’s the weather like?
Am I going to school?
Or just outside to play?

Because the people I see, and the places I go,
And whether there is sun or rain or snow,
All matter when I choose,
My clothes and my shoes.

Girls can wear a dress or skirt,
However, boys cannot,
We can all wear pants and even shorts,
Depending if it’s cold or it’s hot.


Next I’ll choose a shirt to wear,
Short-sleeved, or long,
Or maybe a sweater if it’s wintertime,
‘Cause in the summer that would be wrong.


Last but least comes shoes and socks,
Or sandals if it’s warm,
Sneakers if I’m playing outside,
Or boots if there is a storm.


I kept it simple, but I think it is effective. I’ve even found myself humming this tune a couple times this past week while standing in my closet, clueless as usual. Someday this will become an easy task…I hope!