Why, Lovely Lady Liberty, of course!  When one of my consult clients requested a custom song about the Statue of Liberty for her daughter, I jumped at the chance.  Having just returned from New York City, I felt inspired by this famous landmark and couldn’t wait to pen a song about the it.  My plan was to create something that was both fun and informational, and to be honest, writing this song proved to be quite a challenge.  There were so many facts to include, yet so few opportunities for rhymes!  But I think it turned out pretty well…what about you?

In 1886, on an autumn day,
People traveled from all the way
In France, to the U.S. to show
Their friendship, they gave what we all know (as)

The Statue of Liberty
This lovely lady came to be
A famous sight, recognized by all,
Green in color, and standing tall.
Green in color, and standing tall.

150 feet high she stands,
On a pedestal, looking over all the lands.
She holds a torch, a tabula, too,
And wears a stola, and sandals, and a crown, it’s true.


She lives on a island in New York, off the coast,
When people visit, she’s a gracious host.
They can go inside, way up to her crown,
And enjoy the view, looking all around.


She’s a universal symbol, for our country,
Of freedom and democracy.
A National Monument, admirable,
She represents the U.S. as a whole.


What other national landmarks and monuments would make great song topics?  Now that I’ve tackled the Statue of Liberty, I think I’m ready for another challenge.  Amanda Ellis of More With Music guessed that today’s song would be about Abraham Lincoln, and I think she’s on to something…after all, I do live in the Land of Lincoln!