The 100 Day Project | 100 Days in Lyrics

Last year, I followed along as several people in my Instagram feed participated in the 100 Day Project. Every day for 100 days, they posted a photo of an action they took related to a creative project on a singular theme.

One of my favorite accounts to follow was Elise Blaha Cripe, who posted 100 days of pep talks. When she mentioned a couple of weeks ago that a new round of #the100dayproject was coming up, I decided to get on board.

I didn’t want to bite off more than I could chew (since I can barely keep up with the projects I already have going on), so I came up with something I could do in 5 minutes a day using just my iPhone.

My 100 day project is #100daysinlyrics — each day I choose lyrics that relate to what I’m going through or feeling, lyrics that offer inspiration, lyrics that reflect my intentions, and so on. I purposefully kept the parameters vague and gave myself permission to go with the flow as the project unfolds.

So far I’m just 11 days in, but I’m really enjoying it. I love the process of going through my music to see what speaks to me (or sometimes just having a song come to me without even having to think about it), and then creating the image to post on Instagram.

I think it will be fun to look back after these 100 days are up, and see a bit of a reflection of what was happening in my life (and in my head) throughout this time period. It’s kind of like blogging, except it doesn’t take nearly as long.

If you’re curious to see what other people are doing for their 100 day projects, check out the hashtag #the100dayproject. And if you’d like to follow along with my #100daysinlyrics, you can find me here on Instagram.