In case you missed it, my goal of raising $2,000 (to create a CD for kids with autism and other disabilities) was met and SURPASSED on Friday, September 4. Not only was that the day Listen & Learn Music officially turned one year old, but it was also the very day I realized that this little dream of mine was going to become a reality!

Since then, I have been hard at work planning my course of action. I found the perfect recording studio back in August, but waited until I knew the funding would be there to actually book it. I am thrilled to officially announce that I will be recording the CD at Jupiter Studios in St. Louis over my spring break, March 30-April 2.

And there’s more exciting news! Kimberly Smoot, an amazingly talented local photographer, has offered to donate her services to the cause. The shoot for cover/insert photos will take place next Saturday, October 3 at her studio here in Springfield. You can check out some of her stunning work HERE.

As I’ve mentioned, this CD (in both physical and download form) will be given away to families of children with autism and other disabilities at no cost. While the money that you all have so graciously pledged will cover recording expenses, there won’t be a whole lot leftover for production costs. So in these final 12 days remaining, I am asking for those of you who have not already pledged to consider doing so. Every extra dollar means another CD can be produced and given away to a child who can enjoy it.

Click here to watch the video, read more, and make a pledge if you are so inclined. Any amount, $1 and up, is greatly appreciated!