Music Therapy CEO Project

It’s been an eventful month at Music Therapy Connections! My co-owner Katey and I started a new season of the Creative Business Breakdown, went on our inaugural “boss vacation” to Clearwater Beach, and launched a brand new program for music therapy business owners. Whew…what a whirlwind!

We returned from Florida feeling rested, inspired, and super excited to welcome fellow MT bosses into the Music Therapy CEO Project. Katey and I created a video to explain exactly what this program is all about, and what it entails:

The Music Therapy CEO Project is all about moving to the next level in your entrepreneurial journey, no matter what stage of business ownership you’re at currently. We’re teaching everything we know and have learned through experience about what it takes to have a CEO mentality and leadership style, including the steps to get there and then how to thrive in that role.

This program is comprised of a 5-credit CMTE course, along with an entire year of guidance and resources to help you apply what you learn during the course. Each month, you’ll receive videos, worksheets, sample documents, and other materials designed to help you continue to grow your business, improve your CEO mindset, embrace your role as a visionary, and strengthen your team, no matter how large or small.

Oh, and you also receive a 40% discount on ALL of the resources we’ve created for music therapists (including songbooks, digital resources for clinical application, and CMTE courses). This discount can be utilized by your entire team for the full year of enrollment.

Music Therapy CEO Project

Now through Friday, November 30, you can enroll as a charter member of the Music Therapy CEO Project and receive access to the course and entire year of resources for just $197.

If you’re a music therapy business owner, I hope you’ll make this investment in your professional development and business by joining us inside!