Sunday Singalong: Three is a Magic Number

I don’t know what it is about these Schoolhouse Rock songs, but they’ve just been invading my head lately! Two in one summer, sheesh. (Here’s the first video, from a few weeks back.)

But it’s true, what I said in the video — I’m reminded of this song each time a couple I know has their first child. One of my best friends is getting ready to welcome a baby girl, so she was the inspiration for my song choice this week :)

Friday Fave: GigBook

GigBook iPad App

I’ve recommended today’s Friday Fave pick to countless people already, because they’ve all been curious to ask about it when they see me using it. This particular resource is one that I use on a daily basis, whether I’m teaching a lesson, providing music therapy, or performing at a bar.

It’s an iPad app called GigBook, and it has completely revolutionized my music collection. I spent a good part of a week converting my sheet music collection to PDF form and importing all of my songs into the program. Now I have all of my music therapy songs, student repertoire, and gig music in one place.

But the best part about this app is that I can separate my music into collections, binders for individual students, and set lists for each gig I play. I can also organize songs by artist, genre, and just about any other category I choose.

GigBook is compatible with my AirTurn, a bluetooth pedal I use to turn pages wirelessly on the iPad. Between that and the iPad mount for my microphone stand, I have quite the convenient gig setup. And as for my day job, no more searching through file folders of sheet music while teaching lessons, or printing out lyric sheets to review before a music therapy session.

The $4.99 I spent on this app is nothing when I take into consideration how well it has served me so far. Have you tried it yet?


Yes, I’m channeling Carly Simon as I write this blog post. The week ahead is full of things I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time, and frankly, all this anticipation is making me a little stir-crazy!

So in an attempt to ease the butterflies, I’m laying it all out here for you. FYI: blogging is a great form of therapy, even for us music therapists ;)

The launch of Music Therapy Pro. Check out the ol’ countdown clock in the left-hand sidebar…time is ticking down and the big moment is almost here. If you haven’t already gotten the full scoop, be sure to go check it out.

The end of my studio’s summer session. It’s been a great eight weeks of music therapy and lessons, but I can’t say I’m not looking forward to having some down time beginning a week from today.

My first gig with a full band. I’ve played lots of solo gigs, and recently teamed up with an amazing guitarist who I’ve been performing with regularly. But next Friday, I’ll be filling in for his band’s lead singer. I have some big shoes to fill!

There are a few other events on the horizon, including my three-year wedding anniversary (!) and a trip to Chicago, but I’m focusing on these big 3 in the coming days. Are you anticipating anything exciting as these summer days dwindle away?

Goodbyes Are Never Easy, Are They?

Goodbyes Are Never Easy

Monday was a tough day. I had to say goodbye to two of my very first students ever as a professional music therapist. Addy was only a few months old when she started participating in my music therapy group, and Jordynn, her big sister, was my #1 helper during our group time as well as a piano student.

Fast forward four years. Their family is moving, so Monday was our last day together. You would think I’d have been more well-equipped to say goodbye after just doing so to over 100 students when I left my job at The Hope Institute, but I wasn’t. As hard as I tried not to cry, I was unsuccessful. I have just come to accept the fact that I’m no good at farewells!

I can’t imagine how hard it is to be a classroom teacher, having to say goodbye to an entire class of students every single year. The perk of being a music therapist and studio teacher is working long-term with the same students, and getting to watch them grow up and reach all kinds of milestones.

I know there are more goodbyes in my future, because that’s life…but that doesn’t make them any easier.

5 Days and Counting…

Music Therapy Pro Countdown

Perhaps you’ve already heard. But if not, head on over to

Why, you ask? Because we’re letting the cat a little further out of the bag with a brand new pre-launch video, that’s why!