After a canceled flight, hours spent in an endless airport line, and a last-minute hotel stay, I’m finally home!  Aside from the travel drama, I had an awesome weekend in NYC with my best friend, Katie.  We had perfect weather for brunching, shopping, and walking around the city, among other things.

On Saturday night, we saw the Broadway show Promises, Promises, starring Kristin Chenoweth and Sean Hayes, who played Jack on Will & Grace. The show was great – lighthearted and fun, just how I like them.  Afterwards, we waited outside the theater in the hopes that we’d see the famous cast.

Sean was so nice; he came out, talking to everyone and signing autographs.  He wouldn’t pose for photos, but Katie was able to capture the two of us in the same frame.  Such talent!

Kristin Chenoweth was still not feeling well, so she didn’t mingle with the crowd.  But we did meet Tony Goldwyn, who was in the show and is best known for his role as the “bad guy” in the movie Ghost.

When we weren’t rubbing elbows with celebrities, we did manage to find the perfect bridesmaid dress for Katie’s wedding (and several promising dresses for her, too).  It was fun to spend a few days in the city with someone who lives there; I didn’t feel like a total tourist, for once.

But enough vacation talk…tomorrow is my last day of school and I have SO MUCH left to do before summer break begins at 3 pm.  Eeek!

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