Well, Christmas has passed and the New Year is almost here. To my fellow music therapists out there: Congrats! You’ve almost made it through the holiday season!

The holidays bring so much joy, cheer, excitement, and fun; they always provide for an interesting music-making experience. This is my first holiday season as a music therapist, and I’ve noticed just a few things:

Holiday Music Galore

I truly love holiday music! My clients and students seem to love it too, as they started requesting it back in October. Music therapists definitely need to have their holiday tunes ready to go early! I remember when I received a holiday request for the first time this year — I was caught a little off-guard, but thankfully it was a well-known tune that I could sightread.

So Much Energy!

I’ve come to learn that my students have A LOT of energy this time of year. Yes, this brings some additional reminders to stay seated or follow directions, but it also brings exciting and enthusiastic music-making! One of my favorite moments this season was leading “Jingle Bells” in one of my Listen & Learn classes. All of the kiddos and their parents were up dancing and singing along!

Holiday Music is Engaging

Sure, I had lots of moments in between songs where I needed to remind my students to remain on task, but once the music began, almost everyone was paying attention. Whether I was singing the classics or Listen & Learn holiday material, simply mentioning a holiday activity grabbed their attention. 

Parents and Staff are Excited, Too

It’s not just the kids that get excited for the holiday season. I’ve seen some plenty of holiday joy from parents and staff as well. In fact, some of the best costumes and attire I have seen are from the adults! Adults take the “Ugly Christmas Sweater” competitions very seriously. 

It Truly is the Best Time of the Year!

Sometimes sessions or classes get hectic, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The magic, joy, and love expressed during this time of year is like no other. 

So, congrats! You have almost made it through the holidays! I hope all who are given the opportunity to take a break with family and friends enjoy it! I know I am! :)

What have you noticed this holiday season? Let us know in the comments!