In just a few hours, my husband and I are taking off for a much-needed vacation in San Diego, where hopefully the weather will be warm and the sun will be shining. (Basically the polar opposite of central Illinois, where it is overcast and cold.) We have plans to explore the city, tour the San Diego Zoo, meet up with friends in L.A. for a Dodgers game, and enjoy our stay at the Hotel Del Coronado. Can you tell I’m excited?

Before I left, I wanted to stop by and say hello, as well as post some additional lyrics to the April Song, written by fellow music therapist Kim Gilbert. Here they are:

April 11th is Easter Day
The Easter Bunny came to hop and play
Hiding eggs and candy too
Yummy treats for me and you.

Birds will sing their happy songs
Robins and bluebirds chirp along
Cardinals and chickadees
Singing songs of Spring.

Cute, right!? To listen to the orginial version of the April Song, click here.

I’ll be returning late Sunday night, so make sure to come back on Monday for a photographic tour of my brand-new home office/studio. I can’t wait to see what you think!

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