Essential Facebook Likes for Music Therapists

Way the heck back in October of 2009, I posted a list of Facebook pages that I think every music therapist should follow. I still recommend all of them, which you can find right here.

But since that was almost two years ago, it’s high time to share my updated list with you. So in no particular order, here are the Facebook pages that you need to go “like” — right after you finish reading my blog :)

  • Music Therapy Connections – Yes, I am shamelessly self-promoting right now. But hopefully you’ve already liked my page!
  • Music Therapy Round Table – The latest from the ladies of the Music Therapy Round Table, comprised of myself, Michelle Erfurt, and Kimberly Sena Moore. I suppose this counts as another shameless self-promotion…
  • Sound Health Music – Kat Fulton is a music therapy and percussion rock star. She has some exciting projects coming down the pipes that you’ll definitely want to hear about.
  • Sonic Divinity – If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Tim Ringgold or learning from him, you have been missing out. Go like his new music therapy business page to get in the know.
  • Wholesome Harmonies Music Therapy – Amy Kalas just recently got her new website up and running, and has been on fire! Check out her Facebook page for all kinds of resourceful info.
  • Mundana Music Therapy – Megan and Kim are the music therapists behind one of my favorite blogs. They have just embarked on an exciting adventure, which you can follow via their page.
  • Music Sparks – JoAnn Jordan is one of the most creative and hardworking people I know. It seems that she has a new song or activity to share just about every day. I’m in awe!
  • American Music Therapy Association – Stay up to date with the latest AMTA happenings right on Facebook.
  • Certification Board for Music Therapists – CBMT has a Facebook page as well! An endless well of useful information about our profession.
  • The Music Therapy Center of California – I love watching the videos that are frequently posted here, along with tons of pictures. Music Therapy in action!

Okay, so help me out here: which pages am I missing? Leave your favorite Facebook pages to follow in the comments below, including your own if I have left it off the list.