Keys to New Studio

Today marks my 8th “first day of work” after summer break at Music Therapy Connections, but this year is different. I have a new office, studio, and coworker, so it almost feels like I’m starting a brand-new job. Luckily, I’ll be surrounded by the familiar faces of my clients and their families; a girl can only handle so much change at once.

It’s always an adjustment, going back to a regular jam-packed schedule after a low-key summer. Having only worked 4 days a week, and for only a few hours each day, returning to my full client load this week will be a bit of a challenge. But since I survived it last year — after taking maternity leave the entire summer — I am feeling pretty confident in my abilities :)

This fall I’ll have more help with Parker during the day, which will allow me to get more work done during daylight hours so that I can relax with my family at night and on weekends (the majority of which I spent burning the midnight oil last year). I know that the idea of w0rk-life balance is a bit of a myth, especially when you own a business, but my goal this year is to get just a little closer to achieving it.

My agenda for day 1 on the “new” job: hang out with Parker until 9 when his sitter arrives, meet Katey at the bank, head to the new office/studio to put the finishing touches on my room, go home for lunch with Parker, return to work, see students from 3-7 pm, and finally, hightail it back home. Tuesdays will get a little crazier once I add my early childhood class in two weeks, so I’m going to enjoy the extra little bit of downtime before then.

As apprehensive as I am about all the changes going into effect today, I’m pretty stoked. I feel so fortunate that I’ve been able to grow my little business into what it has become, and I have high hopes for another great year. Starting…now!