What to Wear When You're a Music Therapist

Each morning as I decide what to wear, a few thoughts go through my head: what’s the weather like? Do I have any floor groups today?  Am I going to be lugging instruments and equipment around?

As a music therapist, my job duties and work environment changes on a daily basis depending on which clients I’m seeing and in which setting I’ll be seeing them.  I spend most days in multiple settings, going straight from my job at a school (where I need to adhere to a certain dress code) to my private practice (where I can keep my outfit a little more casual).  So the key is finding a good balance.

There is a list of rules I follow during the school year that make getting dressed a little easier, no matter what I’ll be doing on any given day.  Here are some things I stay away from:

  • open-toed shoes
  • uncomfortable heels
  • short skirts
  • shirts that are too short
  • pants that are too low
  • sleeves that don’t let me lift my arms easily
  • overstated jewelry

In other words, I pretty much stick to the basics.  My wardrobe feels pretty boring at times, but it’s better than being uncomfortable!

In the summer I can be a little more lax, since I work mainly in my home studio and don’t have to do any hauling or walking around.  I still need to look professional enough, but I want my students and parents (who most often are dressed down during the warmer months) to feel comfortable and “at home” in my studio.

There’s so much more you have to take into consideration when you spend your days with children.  What rules — whether your own or a strict dress code — do you follow when you get dressed for work?