I’m assuming that since you’re here at Listen & Learn, you are probably interested in music therapy, music education, or just music in general.  If that is the case, then you’ll definitely want to stop by the Erfurt Music Resource, a new website created by my friend and fellow music therapist, Michelle Erfurt.  Read as Michelle describes it in her own words:

“The idea of creating an online resource for music related products, services, and information came from a conversation I had with Raymond Day, adaptive instrument maker and long time music therapy supporter. I had published a music songbook for Rachel Rambach and really needed to show it off at the next national American Music Therapy Association conference. I wanted a table in the exhibit hall but was looking for someone else to share the rental cost in order to be as fiscally responsible as possible. I had heard about Raymond Day from my days volunteering with the AMTA membership committee and gave him a call. Turns out that he wanted to sell his products at conference but wasn’t able to physically be there. So we worked out a deal…and together we were able to spread the word about our products.”

“There are many people out there just like Raymond, Rachel and myself. Individuals with products, services and information that would be of interest to music therapists, music educators, parents, and more. But we need help connecting our great products with all of you out there. So, that’s exactly what we have done. The Erfurt Music Resource: A collection of individuals working to promote our items together.”

This site truly is a comprehensive collection; you’ll find other music therapy bloggers like me, video lessons, e-books, and lots more.  It’s nice to be part of a community that is growing so quickly and receiving such a great response.