YOU Are a Limited Resource | Innovative Income for Music Therapists

“You are a limited resource.”

These are the words I wish someone would have told me early on in my music therapy career when I started a private practice in addition to my full-time direct service job, taking on so many clients that I ended up working 50+ clinical hours per week.

These also happen to be the opening words of my new book, Innovative Income for Music Therapists. Professionals in our field often lose sight of just how much mental, emotional and physical energy it takes to do our work, and depleting these energy sources can quickly lead to burnout.

I know this all too well, because I’ve been there more than once.

That is why I feel so strongly about supplementing clinical practice with non-clinical work; not only can doing so help preserve your energy, but it can greatly augment your income, as well.

YOU Are a Limited Resource | Innovative Income for Music Therapists

With just a week left to preorder Innovative Income for Music Therapists: Beyond Direct Service & Private Practice and receive the 4 bonuses that come with it, I want to give you the opportunity to read the rest of the introduction and decide if it’s a good fit for you. Click here to read it.

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