Interview with Middle School Students

I had the pleasure of spending Wednesday morning with a great group of middle school students (I’m the non-student wearing stripes in the middle) from Lincoln Magnet School.  They contacted me last month about interviewing me for a project in their video journalism class, and of course I said yes!

These kids were pros, let me tell you.  I had reserved the board room at The Hope Institute for our interview, and as soon as we walked into the room, they began discussing the best placement for their video camera and me as the interview subject.  They had already sent me a list of questions, so I looked over those as they finished setting up.

Middle School Interview Questions

This was just page one of the excellent questions they had for me.  It was interesting to listen to their reactions as I explained what music therapy is all about, and how my students benefit from it.  They came up with some fabulous on-the-spot questions, as well.

After the interview was over, I took the students and their guidance counselor (who I had as a teacher when I was in middle school!) on a tour of the building.  They had the chance to meet some of my students, chat with my principal, see lots of cool aspects of our facility, and get an idea of all the kinds of services an organization like Hope has to offer.

The students will be editing their video into a short piece that will be shown at their class’s end-of-the-year movie screening, and I can’t wait to see the final product.  Not only was this a fun opportunity for me, but it’s one more way to get the word out about music therapy in my community.