Okay, okay…I know this is not music-related, but it’s hard to think about much else right now! After our closing yesterday (which went very smoothly), we went straight to our new house and began unloading box after box of stuff. I finally got to open all of our wedding gifts and put them away in the kitchen, and it was so much fun! A little overwhelming, but luckily we had the help of our wonderful parents.

Today the painters are coming to repaint all of the bedrooms and my new office, and then next week we are getting a brand-new kitchen floor. Next Saturday, all of our new furniture will be delivered and we will finish moving our stuff in, and we will spend the first night in our new house! I can’t wait.

As for this weekend, Zach and I are taking off for a fun trip to Chicago, where we will meet up with friends, go to the St. Patty’s Day parade, and attend his company’s annual awards banquet. It should be a blast. I hope you all have a great weekend, and see you back here on Monday!