Last November, I had the amazing opportunity of participating in 103.7 WDBR’s annual radiothon, which benefits The St. Johns Children’s Hospital and Children’s Miracle Network.  I wrote and recorded two songs based on the stories of parents and children whose lives were saved by these organizations, and the songs were played on-air throughout the weekend.  Needless to say, it was a huge thrill.

The radiothon raised over $90,000 last year, and now they have opportunity to go into 2010’s radiothon with a $50,000 head start. Foresters™ is partnering with Children’s Miracle Network to find North America’s Most Caring Radio Station, and WDBR is in the running!  They are currently in 16th place, so they have until February 5 to take the lead.  The great news is that you can help, and it only takes a minute.

Just go to the contest website and click the “Vote Now” button.  You’ll be asked to register your email address, and then you’re ready to vote.  Search by city and state (Springfield, IL) and then cast your votes for:

103.7 Today’s Hit Music

Bookmark that page so you can go back and vote each day (make sure to use up all 10 votes per day).  I’ve been listening to WDBR for as long as I can remember, and I may be a little biased, but I know for sure that not only do they deserve this title, but so do the children who will reap the benefits of the reward.  For more information about WBDR, click here.  And go vote!