The Most Productive Day Ever

This is the intention I have set for today, because I have no other choice but to complete every item on the long to-do list I composed before bed last night.

Here’s the thing: being in total control of my day-to-day schedule is harder than I thought it would be. I’m an extremely motivated and hard-working person, so I had no doubt I would be disciplined enough to structure my workdays well and get everything done.

But you know what they say about tasks stretching to fill the amount of time you have available to do them? Extremely true — and my friend Kimberly S. Moore (a time management vet who has even written an e-book on the topic) assured me that I’m not the only one who has struggled with this.

So did my mom, who I called just recently to express the guilt I felt due to my lack of super-human productivity. She has lots of experience being self-employed, and possesses more self-discipline than anyone I know. But her comments echoed Kimberly’s as she promised that my struggle is completely normal, and that I will find my rhythm.

Today is the day I find my rhythm. No better day than the Friday before a long weekend. Yes, I have a monster list of tasks ahead of me, but I have a plan. And since I’ve titled this blog post “The Most Productive Day Ever” and furthermore, made it a Friday Fave, my only option is to follow through!