This is my grandma and I this past spring at my brother’s graduation party. She is coming home today (she lives in Naples, FL) to celebrate her 80th birthday, and our family is throwing a party for her. My mom and I wanted to do something really special for her, so we decided to write a song. The song is called “Legacy” and as I mentioned in last week’s Friday Fave, we utilized the wonderful GarageBand to record it.

A legacy is measured in many, many ways
It’s not the wealth you leave behind,
Or the number of your days.
The little things that mean the most
You won’t read about in the evening post
They’re in a knowing smile,
And the laughter of a child.


The music of your life
Will never cease to play,
The wisdom of your lyrics
Shaped who we are today.
The melody is familiar,
We’ve known it all along.
Your legacy is in this gift of song

The hands of time fly quickly and every moment counts
You must leave your mark and give your love
In unlimited amounts.
For all the hearts you’ve held so dear
Even those no longer here
Know this one thing’s true,
Our lives were blessed because of you.


Let’s spend this day in celebration
As we tell you how we feel.
We may not have the words we need,
But the sentiments are real.


We put a picture slideshow together, and this song is the soundtrack to it. I can’t wait for my grandma to see it at her party on Saturday!