Scheduling Success

When it comes to private practice, scheduling is an art.  Usually I don’t mind it at all; in fact, I even look forward to it.  But this time around, with over 50 students to schedule, I’m not gonna lie: I was nervous.

I sat down at my computer yesterday with all my students’ preference sheets, prepared for several frustrating hours of work.  However, all that worrying was for naught..because I was finished within 45 minutes!

Not only had I managed to fit every last student (54, to be exact) into my pre-determined studio hours, but I even managed to schedule a couple of 15 minute breaks throughout the week.  I’ll appreciate myself for doing that later this summer, when I’m in the middle of a 14-student day and in desperate need of a snack or bathroom break :)

Once I had the schedule completed, it was time to email all of my students’ families to let them know their designated day and time.  So far I’ve only heard positive feedback, and I’m crossing my fingers and toes that the trend continues.  Because one change could lead to a domino effect, especially with so many siblings needing back-to-back time slots.

Have you celebrated a scheduling success lately?  It feels good, doesn’t it!