23 Days of Gratitude | Day 9 - Podcasts

Thanks to my friend and fellow music therapist Kimberly Sena Moore, I learned about podcasts long before they were cool (way back in 2009). I became a podcaster long before most people even knew what a podcast was, and have been doing it pretty much ever since.

Along with Kimberly and our friend Michelle Erfurt, we started the Music Therapy Round Table podcast (and were later joined by Matt Logan), which had a pretty amazing 6-year run. During that time, I started the Guitars and Granola Bars podcast, and later the Creative Business Breakdown podcast with my business partner, Katey Kamerad.

I love being a podcaster, and I am also a (very, very, very, very) avid podcast listener. They have changed the way I view driving, getting ready in the morning, folding laundry, cleaning — basically doing any task that doesn’t involve a whole lot of brain power becomes an opportunity to listen and learn.

There are 30+ podcasts in my library, probably 15 of which I listen to religiously. I go through phases of what I feel like hearing about, but right now, my top favorites are The Mind Your Business Podcast, The Goal Digger Podcast, Smart Passive IncomeThe Lively Show, How I Built This, Coffee + Crumbs, and Pursuit with Purpose (as I’m typing this list, I’m realizing I could go on and on).

I have learned so much and been incredibly inspired by listening to podcasts, all completely for free. There are definitely times when I need to press pause and take a break due to information overload, but in general, they are my go-to form of education, motivation, and entertainment.

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