This is a song I wrote about my Kickstarter project:

Hi there, I’m Rachel,
Thanks for stopping by.
I wrote this song and made this video
To explain the reasons why
You should make a pledge and be a part
Of this project that I hope to start
It’s called Listen & Learn and its for
A different kind of audience who needs more

Autism presents itself
In more than one way,
It’s a disorder that affects how children learn,
And communicate and play.
But music is a bridge that can reach inside
It lets a child connect instead of hide
And that’s why I do what I do,
Why I’m asking support from you.

Help me, help them
Give my gift of song.
Even if you pledge one dollar
You’ll move this project along.
I write the songs but I need a hand,
To follow through with my grander plan
Which is recording a CD
Just for them, and sung by me.

I wanted to reach out,
So I started a blog to share
My music and thoughts with the people
Who could benefit out there.
They said my songs were part of the solution
So I want to make a bigger contribution
So please, if you feel inclined,
I hope that you will find that you can.

For more information, simply click here. As always, thanks for your support of Listen & Learn Music!