How to Get My Audiobook for Free on Audible | Innovative Income for Music Therapists

The fact that my audiobook is available on Audible is crazy exciting for me, because I am an Audible addict. I’ve had a gold monthly membership since 2014, which means I receive a credit to purchase a new audiobook every month. When I am driving, doing laundry, working out, grocery shopping, or engaged in anything else that doesn’t require full brain power, I am listening to an audiobook.

Since I know that many other music therapists, including my very own team at Music Therapy Connections, are also fans of learning through listening (both in audiobook and podcast form), turning Innovative Income for Music Therapists into an audiobook was a no-brainer.

When you purchase the book or course through my website, the audiobook is included in the price. But I know that any extra expenses can be a stretch at this time of year, especially for those who are students, interns, or new professionals.

I want my book to be as accessible as possible for everyone, which is why I’m thrilled that there is an option for you to get it completely free on Audible. When you start a free 30-day trial of the Audible monthly membership (which you can cancel before the trial ends, if you choose), you can receive my book at no cost. Use this link to get Innovative Income for Music Therapists — 100% free.

The cool thing about Audible is that there is a free app in which you can listen to all the books in your library, and it keeps your place between listening sessions. I am usually listening to several books at a time, so it’s nice to be able to switch back and forth, every time picking up right where I left off.

If you’ve been wanting to read my book but the cost has gotten in the way, this is a great option for you, especially since the audiobook comes with a PDF download containing all the links included in the book. Let me know if you have any questions about Audible, this opportunity to receive my book for free, or anything else!