The Introvert's Guide: A Labor of Love

It seems fitting that I decided to release The Introvert’s Guide to Thriving in an Extroverted Career the day after Labor Day. When I committed to creating this course earlier in the summer, I didn’t realize what an undertaking it would be.

While I’ve created many courses in the past, none have required the amount of focus, vulnerability, and transparency that this one has. But I knew that in order for it to be truly beneficial to my fellow introverts, I needed to tell my own story as openly and honestly as possible. That meant sharing my shortcomings, failures, and hard lessons learned throughout the course of my life and career.

I had a lot of fear around making this course happen, which is why I let the outline sit inside my computer, untouched, for months. One day during a conversation with my colleague about how being an introvert affects our work, I was inspired to show her that outline — and thanks to her positive response, I set a launch date and made myself accountable by announcing it here.

But the fear remained. That might be why the first section of the course is all about facing your fears: there was no way around it, so I had to write through it. We’re all working through one fear or another at any given time, right?

I experienced fear every time I sat down to write and record a section of the course, wondering if the right words would come to me. (Now I can relate just a tiny bit to what I’ve read about how writers feel every single day.) But they always seemed to flow out when I finally made myself sit down and type. When I finally got past the fear and did the work, I enjoyed myself. I loved the feeling of getting into the flow of writing, and even moreso, the feeling of finishing a section and being happy with what I wrote. I loved knowing that my words would have a positive impact on people.

I learned a lot about myself in the process of creating The Introvert’s Guide this summer. Though I felt confident teaching on this topic prior to creating the course, there were some areas that I needed to write about in order to truly grow, and be able to help others grow as well.

As I’ve worked on the course and talked about it via social media, the blog, and with colleagues, I’ve realized how necessary it is. Honestly, I’m surprised a course like this wasn’t created sooner, which only adds to the pressure I have felt to deliver.

But now that my work is done, I’m mostly feeling excited. I know that the contents of this course will resonate with the people who take it, and I look forward to the conversations that will be sparked as a result.

Happy Labor Day, my friends. Find some time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your own labor today — I will be doing the same. And tomorrow, I hope you’ll come back and join me inside the Introvert’s Guide. Thank you as always for reading!